Tenant's FAQs

Q: How do I begin the process of renting a property?

A: After touring the rental, you and your roommates can fill out a rental application. Applications can be downloaded from our website. If you and your roommates are full time students, we require a Guarantor Agreement be filled out from a parent or guardian from each prospective tenant. Once we receive the application(s) and Guarantor Agreement(s) and each applicant is approved, we will ask the security deposit and additional rent fee be paid in full prior to signing the lease. Once we are in receipt of the deposit/add'l rent fee, we will draw up the lease for signature(s).

Q: Do you offer 6 month leases?

A: We only offer 1 year leases. Leases begin in August and end July 31st of the following year. Subleases are allowed if you need to vacate earlier than 1 year.

Q: I need to find a subleasor. What is my first step?

A: Your first step is to contact our office and let us know your intentions. You will also need to have a conversation with your roommates about your plans. They will need to approve the prospective subleasor so it is important to have open communication. It is your responsibility to find a subleasor; however, we will post information on our website and will direct any prospects to you. Once you find and approve a subleasor, you will need to direct them to us for paperwork, final approval and lease signing. An application fee, deposit/additional rent fee will be required from the subleasor before they can sign onto the lease. We will also need written permission from you and your roommates stating that you allow the prospective subleasor to be added to the current lease. (A subleasor checklist can be found on the Tenant page of our website).

Q: What do I need to do prior to moving in my rental?

A: First, make sure you have a copy of your lease. We email you a copy when everyone signs the lease. The last page will list your utility information. Make arrangements to put utilities in your name prior to move-in day. Utility companies are extremely busy during the last week of July and first week of August, so it is best to contact the companies by mid July. Please contact us regarding your first rental payment. You can mail a check or pay online. We cannot issue your move-in packet/keys until your first month's rent has been paid.





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